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I am very proud to have the endorsement of the Livonia Police Officers Association (LPOA) as I seek re-election to City Council. The men and women of the LPOA strive to provide its members and the community it serves with professional service through integrity, honesty, equality and fairness, and our city is a much better place because of them.

I am also very proud of the many people in Livonia who support and endorse me, including:

Mayor Dennis Wright    

Mayor Jack Engebretson

Senie Engebretson

Mayor Jack Kirksey

Patt Kirksey

Wayne County Commissioner Terry Marecki

Mark Marecki

City Council President Laura Toy

Treasurer Lynda Scheel

Doug Scheel

Councilwoman Cathy White        

Councilman Brandon Kritzman  

Councilman Brian Meakin

Colleen Meakin

Councilman Jim Jolly

Katie Jolly

Jim McCann       

June Kenny        

Rich Skaggs, Spree Vice President

Stephanie Skaggs

Lindsey Spence

Roger Spence

John Grzebik, Greenleaf Commission      

Tim Klisz, Zoning Board of Appeals

Jim Baringhaus, Zoning Board of Appeals

Char Baringhaus

Christina & Michael Berry            

Karen Bradford

Susan & Bill Bresler        

Brynn & Steve Bruestle

Lori Caid              

Marty Cezon     

Michelle & Alan Clemens             

Paul & Cathy Condon    

Tony Coppola   

Dan & Tami Danaher     

Sandy Goga       

Tom & Lorie Goralski     

Frank & Janice Grisa       

Rose Kachnowski            

Tom & Sherry Klisz          

Kathleen Lancaster         

Jim Mahoney    

Dan & Cyndi Putman     

Patty & Ron Riggion       

Josie Smith         

Dolores Smith   

Carol & Cal Strom            

Betty Tatigian    

Beth Tatigian     

Sue & Lyle Trudell           

Kathy Ventittelli               

Ron & Jennifer Warra    

Mae Yeomans  

Michael & Carol Arakelian           

Ralph & Sandy Aulicino 

Amanda & Adam Bradley             

Martha & Doak Breen   

Chad & Taylor Cezon     

Terry Crouson

Jim Crowley       

Roger & Kathie Glynn    

Jim Kline             

Peggy & Jerry Kmieciak 

Jackie Lahtinen

Lenore Law        

Patrick & Julie Maher    

Ken & Maureen McAlinden        

Gail & David McKillop    

Jane Muszynski

Cheryl Nadratowski        

Wendy & Jerry Piasentin              

Debbie & Roger Pline    

Kelly & Kenny Pollack    

Manny Pollack  

Karen Sangregorio          

Martha & Craig Wasen 

Bill & Vicki Wettach        

Suzanne Williams            

Eileen Wojtas

Bobbie and Dan Swiercz

Diane Mann

Arthur & Susan Cole

Pattie Coughlan

Schoolcraft College Trustee — Dillon Breen

I actually have only known Kathleen for about 18 months. However, she has shown such true character with everything she does. She is a rare breed, one that will introduce you to people but then add a tidbit about the person. It is because of this gracious and humbling character that she is the first person I have ever posted an election sign for. I am proud to know her and this is my way of giving back to her, for being a cheerleader for me as a person and my business🌟 — Jane Muszynski

Kathleen's professional background clearly speaks for itself. Kathleen gives clear yes and no answers with reasoning behind them. Kathleen didn't run for the position to start serving our city. Kathleen has been involved with various appointed positions, and continues to volunteer for many things in our city with her husband and sons. Kathleen dives right in to help with events like Spree regardless if it’s an election year or not. — John Grzebik

I’ve known Kathleen McIntyre for several years and have always been impressed by her exuberance, commitment, and intelligence! Kathleen loves Livonia and is engaged and committed to its residents. She works hard to make decisions that are thoughtful and in the best interest of our long range plan and vision. Kathleen also shares our love for the symphony and the arts! I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for City Council! — Char Baringhaus

I highly recommend Kathleen McIntyre for Livonia City Council. I've worked with Kathleen for many years at Ford Motor Company. Her business mind is brilliant! She takes time to research and learn all aspects of the item before making a decision. But even more impressive than her business sense, is her compassion to individuals. She truly represents "the people" and not her own desires. She's the best!!! — Patty Riggio

I have known Kathleen for a number of years now and she is honest, sincere, Intelligent and caring person. Kathleen does her homework on issues before her and truly represents her constituents in a intelligent and professional manner. I encourage everyone to vote for Kathleen for her second term — Paul Condon

Kathleen McIntyre is a real woman. Kathleen cares about the "People" Her caring and compassion for others brings so much to the City of Livonia. I am honored to know Kathleen. She lights up any room when she walks in, and positive energy gravitates those who surround her. Kathleen has done a lot of good things for the City of Livonia and will continue to do so when she is elected once again for Livonia City Council. Kathleen has my vote! — Kathleen McCarty

Kathleen and her family's generous commitment to public service are terrific role models for us all. — Diane Mann

Intelligent, compassionate, hardworking and involved in neighborhood and city concerns. Kathleen is always willing to engage. — Susan Rakay

I have supported Kathleen since her first run for Council and she has done a great job! From President her first two years to today, she has the people of Livonia in front of mind. Tim Klisz, ZBA commissioner. — Tim Klisz
Chris Scanlan

Committee to Elect Kathleen McIntyre
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